Invest in leading startups with global ambitions

We empower corporates and private investors to identify and invest seamlessly in Europe's leading startups. Leveraging our VC expertise and full dedication to optimise ROI.

A unique approach of Venture Capital.

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We empower corporates to create and manage their own Corporate Venture programs in sight of maximising strategic and financial value. We help them to structure and manage their CVC fund.   


Angel investors and Family Offices

We enable private investors to invest at the highest level, as if they had their own VC team, whilst maintaining complete control. Offering all VC services from sourcing to exit. We have carried out more than 80 investments in 3 years !

Venture Capital as a Service.

We thrive by collaborating with our investors. Working extremely closely with our clients to create and execute entirely personalised venture programs depending on their independent needs.

Time to market

Our methodology allows investors to setup a defined investment strategy in a few weeks.

Cost effectiveness

Our team is agile and we are used to analysing dozens of opportunities a week. Our clients save time and money.


We ensure total transparency with our client partnerships. As well as ensuring that our clients remain in control throughout the value chain.

Value creation

Our interests are entirely aligned with the investors and empower them to create additional value with startups, when applicable.

Sourcing startups

Investment strategy.

We help you determine your investment criteria & objectives and set personalised goals. We then define a fully tailored investment strategy to efficiently meet the goals. 

Deal execution.

We source the best startups for our clients, according to their investment strategy and objectives.

We carry out thorough due diligence with our proven techniques, finalise the term sheets and manage negotiations.

Expertise venture capital
Capital Risque

Investment follow-up.

We help our clients manage and track their portfolio, represent them on the board if necessary, give quarterly updates and lead exit strategy.

Everything is under control !

Our blog.

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Corporate Venture Capital vs. Venture Capital, what’s the difference?

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Corporate Venture

Why create a Corporate Venture fund?

Innovation + Corporate Venture = value creation  As our world becomes more competitive, corporations have to adapt themselves to the ever-changing markets.  As Peter Thiel mentioned in Zero to One: “Unless they invest in the difficult task of creating new things, companies will fail in the future no matter how big their profits remain today.” That’s what happened to Kodak, which missed…

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