Private Wealth in Venture Capital

We empower Angel Investors and Family Offices to invest into leading startups. Sourcing, deal flow analysis, operations, reporting.

Why invest in Venture Capital ?

Angel investors have become a driving force in Venture Capital. Private investment into European startups has been growing five-fold over the past five years, as wealthy individuals join the gold-rush for tech in a search for growth assets.

Bettre Returns 86%
Interest in Innovation 74%
Disappointment in traditional assets 68%
Diversification 67%
Contributing towards shaping industry standards 55%

Investing directly in Venture Capital enables you to:

Meet and invest in inspiring founders

Invest in your passions and values

Leverage your expertise and network

Finance supernormal growth

Fuel tech disruptors and unicorns that are shaping future industries

Benefit from extensive taxes reductions (SEIS & EIS)

Our approach.

We thrive by collaborating with investors. We work extremely closely with our clients in order to create and execute entirely personalised venture programs depending on their independent needs.

Benefits of investing through Techmind.

Remain in control

You remain in complete control throughout the entire investment process. We work closely with you to guide you to your venture objectives.

Save time and money

We do all the paperwork, screening/analysing, due diligence, management, negotiating, monitoring, representation etc. ​ You will save a lot of time !

Access to deal flow

You have access to our extensive and competitively sourced start-up deal-flow, amassed from leading VCs, accelerators etc.​

Reduce your risks

Venture Capital includes risks. But our accumulated expertise, model and partners all ensure that your risks are driven down.

Choose the perfect plan.




What our clients say.

Techmind has given me all the necessary tools and support to invest directly in start-ups. My venture investments have been 100% personalised & seamless and the opportunities invested in have been better than I would have been able to find and negotiate on my own.

Thibault P.

I regret all those years I invested indirectly through a fund. I had no control, no interference and no influence over where my money went. Now, thanks to Techmind, I am able to invest in exactly the start-ups I want, and have real relationships with the founders, I am able to be passionate and involved, rather than stuck in the back seat. I never imagined venture investing to be so easy

Rod B.