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We thrive on creating and managing venture programs for Europe's leading corporates, in sight of maximising strategic and financial returns

Why Corporate Venture ?

Technology transforms all markets.

Every day, new offers and solutions are created by entrepreneurs.

For all companies and large groups, who face this new competition, it becomes key to innovate by relying on both their internal teams and also on the innovation of startups in their sector.

For the company, the stakes are multiple:

  • strengthen its positions in its market,
  • identify new growth relays,
  • transform its organization based on the practices of startups: openness, agility, speed of decision-making.

A key tool within an open innovation strategy.

Corporate Venturing is the direct or indirect equity investment, in minority, in the capital of innovative SMEs. This tool is a great lever for companies and large groups to open up to innovation, accelerate their transformation and anticipate market developments. 

Thus, this framework allows them to strengthen their links with startups in a sustainable way, in a logic of strategic and financial investment. 

Direct investments enable to have its own investment strategy, to involve operational teams, strategic intelligence and control of its investment budget.

Our approach.

We work closely with companies to create and execute entirely personalised venture capital  programs depending on the corporate’s strategy. 

We help companies to define a sharp investment strategy, relevant processes, and execute deals with efficiency.

Remain in

We work closely with the corporate’s team to set up their own startup investment strategy. And they remain in complete control throughout the entire investment process.

Time to market.

We have a deep knowledge of the CVC market and know how to manage a fund with efficiency. Due to our methodology, you can start investing in a few weeks.

Value creation.

We prepare all the paperwork, screening, due diligence, management, negotiating, monitoring, to help corporate’s team to focus on value creation with the startups.

Cost effectiveness.

We provide our expertise, network, Venture Capital methodology and also our dense pre-qualified dealflow to corporates. So they can save  a lot of time and money.






We help corporates structure their own fund, setup a sharp investment strategy and relevant processes in a few weeks.



We support our clients on all the investment value chain, from startup sourcing to portfolio management.



We provide customized on demand services like market analysis and due diligences.

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Why create a Corporate Venture fund?

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